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JB Benn Has Performed for Celebrities, Politicians, Activists and More!

JB Benn Performs for Celebrities, Activisits & Politicians from JB Benn on Vimeo.


Seeing is disbelieving whenever JB Benn performs. And that’s just where the fun begins. If you missed him on A&E’s Mondo Magic, and the Travel Channel’s Magic Man, don’t miss your next chance to watch his wise hands make a card disappear along with the way you count on reality.

Throughout the years, as an artist and an entertainer, JB Benn’s craft has given him the opportunity to travel all over the world, from Los Angeles to Mumbai to Saudia Arabia. JB Benn brings wonder and amusement to everyone he encounters. The “Master of the Invisible”, JB Benn transports people into the impossible.